Monday, September 27, 2010

I think I'll Post again

Here we go. I think it is time to post again. Just for fun.

So, my sweet husband got me an awesome camera for birthday last year and I have been learning learning and shooting shooting, trying to figure it all out.....because it is my passion. And my Destiny (I have always wanted to say that something was my Destiny).

I joined a little Flickr group that, for one month, posted a picture a day. And had to relate each shot to a different letter of the alphabet each day. And then we comment one each others photos and lend advice (me not giving, mostly getting) and make everyone feel good in the end. But also learn a lot from others. It has been a busy month. I am almost done (ends on Thursday), but I post a few just for fun...

E is for End of Day

W is for Wheel

B is for Bell
P is for Peek A Boo

V is for Vein
T is for Tongue

J is for Jello

Thursday, March 25, 2010

18 months....and still kickin....

Hello, little boy.
No wait....You are big. And funny. You say words like Ogre and Ostrich and Bronco and you love love love the park. You say Shoes and then Park and then Fun fun fun as we skip out of the car on our way to the swings.
You love grapes and cheese. You could live on cheese alone if you absolutely had to. Or if I let you. You are a Monkey (ooo-ooo-aaah-aaah) and climb on everything. You love Elmo and carry him around in your hand. You love to watch Robbert Bobbert on the Youtube and call the computer "Apple"......(wish we really had an Apple).

You have a little bike and you like to ring the bell. Or Belmo, as Elmo would say. And you LOVE Shrek. If you could, you would watch Shrek all the day long.

You know the sounds the animals make. You use your little pointer finger A. Lot. You are a bit of a prankster and love to wrestle anyone who is laying on the ground. You beg to be tickled and you love to blow bubbles. You are crazy about bubbles. And you are really really good at popping them. You love balls. You love to say "basket ball", and dad hopes it will turn into "football" really soon....You know that cars go VROOOOM and the Sheep says BAAA...You give everyone fives when you leave school.....And you get really sad when other people are sad. If you bonk your head you are sure to show me what caused the pain, and sometimes you reinact it...
You love your dad. You guys are the best of buds and it is the sweetest thing to see....

I love you little Monkey!!!

Friday, January 01, 2010

2009: Review in Photos

Hey...I know you! Welcome back....

Here is what you've missed while you were away, worrying about other things, you know, other than why I hadn't posted...
(caution: might make your heart explode. I am totally not responsible for that)

January 2009: Junior Birdman learned how to get more and more chunky. And possibly cuter (how?) AND he started a very competitive Gigantic Caterpillar Wrestling career.
February 2009:
First solid foods. Hasn't slowed down since. (look at those arms!)

March 2009: Face-Melting Cuteness: Achieved April 2009: Finally started pulling his weight around the house. About time. (that joke never gets old)

May 2009: First airplane trip! Did great on the plane and had an amazing time wowing my side of the family with his impressive Army Crawling skills.

June 2009: Junior Birdman receives his Third Official Haircut. Or should I say Hair Cute? ha! (I may be a wee bit more cheesy since the Birdman came into my life)

July 2009: Junior Birdman wows the ladies with his book collection, and ability to slobber on demand, and crawl like a real man.

Acting SO nonchalant. It is his "thing".

August 2009: The Birdman learned that dirt=gross, played with Grandpa Jensen's beard (last picture with him), and perfected his "cool guy look" for the aforementioned "ladies"

September 2009: One Year Old! Grandma K came to visit and we had a serious backyard Par-Tay, complete with a fever and unidentified rash ...AND he showed everyone what it REALLY means to be a Bronco fan.

October 2009: Junior Birdman as Yoda. The End. AND convinced us to buy him two little goats and put them in our backyard.

November 2009: Confirmed his love for apples. A lot of apple eating in November.

December 2009: Presents! Christmas! Fun! and Birdman ventured into the snow for the very first time!

Well, there you have it. A complete recap! Hooray!

Expect more excitement tomorrow, when I return with " What has Birdman been carrying around lately?"

Friday, March 27, 2009


I tried. I tried and tried. My husband tried and tried. But Birdman just cried and cried. Then my heart broke. Into a million pieces.
Therefore, this whole "let them cry it out through the night and they'll be sleeping like angels in no time" experiment is on hold. Until further notice. P.S.: No one dares tell you how incredibly grumpy the children are the next day and the next and the next.....they have conveniently left that part out!
That being said, the Birdman is doing fantastic! He is darling, and fun. Rolling to and fro. Playing like crazy. I will do a Five and Six Month update this weekend. It will be full of rolling, food, words, walking, reading....I bet you can't wait!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Tagged Twice in Two Days!

Okay, I have been tagged by RCH and Melissa to do the following:
1. Go to my documents/pictures.
2. Go to my 6th file folder.
3. Go to my 6th picture.
4. Blog about it.
5. Tag 6 people to do the same.

Thanksgiving 2008 was a memorable one: Juniors first! We went to Grandma J's house the Sunday before Thanksgiving where all of her kids and grandkids congregated for turkey, ham, and a memorable Yam-a-rama.

This is Junior Birdman with Aunt Jodi. Aunt Jodi is one of the funnest people alive, and although she didn't win the Yam-a-rama this year, you can bet she'll make the showing of a lifetime next year. She can make JBM laugh like nobody's business. And cry. But that is a story for another day.
I tag the first six people who read this to do this!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Three and Four Months Old~

Dear Junior Birdman,

WOW. Mom totally missed the boat on a few things, namely filling you in on your life for months three and four. I decided I had to post this before you turn Five Months Old in One Week, or else...I can't squish the last exciting month in with these other ones.....

These have been great months. I went back to work after you turned three months old. It was a rough time, but luckily you have been great and everyone that is taking care of you absolutely loves you! The main thing people say when they see you is "Look At All That Hair". We are having some onsies printed with that motto on them.... You are such a good baby. People always ask me how you are and I always reply "perfect". You are the best baby a mama could ask for.

I have re-written this letter a few times, trying to decide what exactly I want these to be. At first I thought: oh! I will update everyone on everything that is going on in the last month. But it gets harder and harder as you get older and learn and grow more. And then I can't decide what to leave out, and what to put in a regular post versus just write my love and dad's love for basically I will just lay out what is in my heart, what my joys and hopes are for you and thoughts I have as you basically, they will be pretty cheesy....Hold on to your hats, people.

Daddy spends Mondays with you, and although you gave him a run for his money that first Monday, you guys are the best pals now. Daddy spent two whole weeks with you around Christmas and had a blast reading books, playing with blocks and Dad even taught you your first trick: Grabbing Things! He called me and said "Birdman has a new trick!" and I was so excited all day to see what it was! And then you were Grabbing Things. I was so proud of you!! I will probably pee my pants when you start walking...

You have started to grab things on purpose, suck on your fingers/fist/anything within range, you do really well with tummy time and you started to LAUGH!!! Your laugh is THE BEST baby laugh in all the land. A good game of Peek A Boo will really get you going and it warms my heart when you smile when I come home from work!

I am so glad you are my baby. I often think back to what life was like without you. Not because I miss the freedom, the uninterrupted sleep, the ability to go anywhere, etc., but to analyze why we didn't see the big gaping hole in our lives that you fill up so perfectly. I honestly do not know what we did without you here. But I am so glad you are here and would never wish for anything different in my life.

Sometimes I wonder how my heart can fit so much love into it. I look at you, your little baby mullet, or wide bright eyes, your smile, I listen to your laugh, and pinch your chubby little thighs and think about how much I love you. And how much I love your Dad, and how much I love our little family, which you made complete, and how much I love listening to you sleep, and how much I love hugging you and holding you and watching you learn, and I think: Can my heart take much more? My life and heart are full.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

4 Month Appointment

Well. The Birdman turned 4 months old. Two weeks ago. But we didn't go to the doctor until Monday, because she was out of town, and we love her.

She was VERY impressed with JBM. She turned him on his tummy and he promptly rolled over! He laughed and smiled and grabbed things. And she said "oh, he is doing 6 month things!!". Of course we were so very proud.

He also had his weigh in!
Weight: 17 pounds, 12 ounces (95%)
Height: 25 inches (55%)
Head: 44 cm (95%)

He is more Round than Long, but hey, what's a kid to do that just sits around and eats, and rolls over every now and then?

Saturday, January 17, 2009