Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Job #2 and #3: Shampooologist and the Sugar Shack

I know you are thoroughly thrilled and excited about the prospect of learning what shaped me during my formative years and why I can make such a freakin awesome snowcone....

Job #2: Shampoo-ologist

When I was 14, maybe 15....I was in the 8th grade at least, I had the biggest Badittude you have ever seen. My mom hatched a plan with her long time friend, Julie, to save my soul (I found out this was their motivation years later). Julie owned a beauty salon in downtown SLC and she hired me "under the table" to be her shampoo-ologist. I would lovingly wash customers' hair awating their new cut, wash off color and perms, sweep up hair and fold towels. I went every Wednesday afternoon after school and every Saturday. I don't really remember for how long, but I remember spending all of the money I earned. I think I made 5 bucks an hour, tax free. It was awesome. On Saturdays, my friend Lindsey and I would go to Crossroads mall and spend all of my money I just made at the Gap and the Golden Spoon Yogurt place.

What I learned: 1. How to shake someone's hand for real and not like a dead fish. I shook Julie's hand once and she gave me a grossed out look and said "that isn't how you shake hands. Ever." I have never forgotten that and have since developed a very firm and confident handshake.

Job #3: Sugar Shack Attendant
Somehow, I got roped into working at a SnoCone shack the summer I moved to Kansas City. I was inbetween my sophomore and junior years, so I wasn't 16 and I got paid with some Training Loophole in the law and made about 3 bucks an hour. But that was better than nothing.
I knew the ins and outs of shaved ice. I knew every flavor that could be added and how to put two flavors together to create such concoctions as Tigers Blood and Creamsicle.
The company expanded and opened a second location later that summer and I manned it during the day. BORING DAYS OF SUMMER. That is what I think of when I reflect back. Because I read books all day. I finished Les Miserables.... They asked me the summer after I turned 16 if I wanted to be the Pseudo Manager and make: $3.50 an hour! I politely laughed in their face and worked at a Dry Cleaner instead.
Lesson Learned: Don't eat too many snow cones. It makes you sick, and Les Miserables is a boring book. I was trying to be all uppity...
Back to my real job: The Art of Looking Busy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Job #1: Door to Door Sales Girl

I have decided to blog about past jobs I have had. While sitting at Big Juds, a greasy burger joint in Boise, with Kyle, we were talking about jobs we have had. I have deduced that in my early, formative years, I did a variety of things that make me what I am today:
Read on, I know I have you hooked....

So, I will start the fun off with Job #1: Door to Door Sales Girl

I can't remember the exact circumstances, it might have been a FUNdraiser at my elementry school, a harebrained plan of my brothers that I stole, or the sheer joy and greed and racking up points I could later cash in for a stash of useless prizes that I have never used since. Whatever the reasons, I was a Door to Door Sales Girl.

I lived in Georgia and I was probably in First Grade, maybe Second and Third (hey, I was trying to make a career out of it). I would cruise around our neighborhood with a catalog of greeting cards and wrapping paper that I peddled to all of the neighbors. We lived on a LONG street that was a cul-de-sac (going back last year, the street isn't long, but I sure thought it was). I went door to door, flashed my famous smile, batted my dark brown eyes, and somehow convinced everyone on the street that they needed boxes and boxes of greeting cards and rolls and rolls of wrapping paper, because buying it from WalMart or KMart or whatever Mart, just wasn't good enough.

In turn, after taking orders, and collecting money, I received Points, Oh Glorious POINTS!! I had hundreds of them. A catalog came with the sales package, with so much crazy crap that I could cash my points in for. There were globes, and scooters, and maybe electronic keyboards...I don't really remember. I would look through the catalog and determine what my goal prize was, circling it lovingly in pencil, or turning down the corner of the page to save it....I can see myself counting them up in the middle of my sales to see what else I needed to reach the coveted prize...The only prize I remember getting was a globe that was a bank. I think.....

I remember being very successful in this venture, or at least my parents TOLD me I was awesome at it. I am sure I was. Awesome. Sales. Girl. at the age of Seven.

I am sure that I had a very loving and kind neighborhood, because #1: Almost everyone bought something and #2: I never got stolen. I think I went by myself......

Next Job Update: Job #2: Shampoo-ologist. For real. That was the title.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Introducing: Lucy Macaroni

We got a puppy. She is sweet, most of the time. Her name is Lucy Macaroni.
Here is the cutest picture of any puppy you will ever see:

That is after bath time. Here is one of her during bathtime:

Notice how she kind of looks like a rat. Well, when we are out walking her, (or, more approriately, dragging her along) people will stop us and ooo and ahhhhh. One time someone said "I was wondering what you were walking" and I replied "A rat". She is tiny, but pudgy too. She currently weighs in at 5.8 massive pounds.

Other names we affectionately refer to her as: Lucy, LuLu, Lucy Goosey, Midge, Super Midge, Fatty, and my personal favorite, Bargain Bin (because that is where we got her, the Puppy Bargain Bin)

Puppy Preschool starts on Saturday. I will let you know how it goes.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Holy Tumbleweed Batman!

Today there is a crazy wind storm here in the Happy Land of Boise.

My new office is kind of in the middle of a field. Well, there is a great big field in front on it, and I kind of feel like i am in the country here.
Today, I went out to grab a bite, and this is what the parking lot looked like:

There were Tumbleweeds EVERYWHERE.......EVERYWHERE.....Blowing all over the parking lot and streets. It was crazy....

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Girl Talk

I was on a trip to the metropolis of Twin Falls. We had a Christmas Party at a local Bistro and lo and behold I run to the bathroom and find this on the door:

Hmmmm. I wonder what the heck they mean by "Unique Design". I bet you are wondering too, and you won't have to wait much longer because here we go:

That is right. It gives a whole new meaning to taking your girl friends to the bathroom with you. Thank goodness SOMEONE is taking down walls and building proverbial bridges. No place better to start than the Ladies Room.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Binge and Purge

Not like a bulimic person.

I decided that I have spent a lot of years binging on things and stuff and must haves.
I keep (now, kept) things for a number of reasons:
1) Just because "you never know" when you might need a vast odd collection of mismatched hair doo dads, or that growing unmatched sock collection.
2) Just to HAVE stuff.
3) Hurting feelings. What if by some off chance that Chinese restaurant waitress, upon learning that we had just gotten married, gave us a hideous crystal frame right there on the spot and what if they stop by and want to see it? Five Years later and 2000 miles away?
4) Good Intentions. (Oooo, I can make something really crafty out of these scraps of paper and old bank statements)
5) Genetics. I come from a long line of pack rats. It is true, isn't it, Kaintie?

So, basically, my brother gave me a great idea. I don't have to KEEP everything. I can have a limit of the things that mean a lot to me, then I can take PICTURES, post them on a site like FLICKR and then write about what they meant to me and why. I don't have to keep and keep and keep for the sake of keeping and having. I can reminisce when I want and look back, but I don't have to keep....

Although, my friends son did name me Liz Keeper a few months ago. A name that hopefully means I am a keeper, not that I keep things around....

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year, New Resolutions

1. Blog more.
I don't know if you have noticed, but I haven't blogged in like forever. One of my posts, now erased and put in the vault forever, offended someone and I hung up the keyboard. Two lessons: 1) I can't make everyone happy (although I am a born pleaser) and 2) Sometimes it is okay to edit your thoughts as to not ruin relationships. So, if you are reading, I am sorry.

2. Eat Less. Move More
Always one, for everyone, right?

3. Not Kill Lucy Macaroni
We got a puppy, Lucy Macaroni, a Cairn Terrier. I vow not to kill her. This will be a hard one, as she is a puppy, and a little hyper since we changed her food to a natural one, but now that it is written, it will be done. Or not done. Whatever.

4. Less TV.
We don't watch a lot anyway, but watching even less won't hurt, right?

5. Take more pictures
Since we have been married, I think there are like 5 pictures of my sweetie and I. What? So maybe I will snap a few more this year.

6. Read more Books
I do read a lot. My Darling Husband calls me a Nerd. I call my self Well Read and Smart Because I Learn Things From Reading. My friend posts on a website called GoodReads where you can post your impressions and thoughts on books you've read and send them to your friends and fancy schmancy stuff like that. Nerd Heaven. Welcome, and you are welcome for introducing you. Now, people like my sister and her best friend won't have to meet at Barnes and Noble, wander through the stacks and taking turns, pointing out books, and saying "Read It" "Read It" "Read It" (as in the past tense) and they REALLY did that. That is not a joke.

7. Be More Sassy
I know, this is a hard one. But seriously, I started a few days ago by using my Crest White Strips, Professional Strength. A few months ago, I mean, like 4 or 5, I got a 50$ credit at my dentist for referring a friend to them. I used that to buy a 21 day supply of strips, so my teeth could catch up in sassiness. Well, for 4 or 5 months they have been sitting in my bathroom. Why, you ask, when I have the Sassy Tools so close at hand, do I not utilize them? Simply because I don't like stuff on my teeth, and I am glad I waited because I DREAD putting them on. It is the WORST THING EVER. But, the sacrifices we must make.....

That is all for now. That is a LOT to work on. Wish me the Best of Luck.