Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Binge and Purge

Not like a bulimic person.

I decided that I have spent a lot of years binging on things and stuff and must haves.
I keep (now, kept) things for a number of reasons:
1) Just because "you never know" when you might need a vast odd collection of mismatched hair doo dads, or that growing unmatched sock collection.
2) Just to HAVE stuff.
3) Hurting feelings. What if by some off chance that Chinese restaurant waitress, upon learning that we had just gotten married, gave us a hideous crystal frame right there on the spot and what if they stop by and want to see it? Five Years later and 2000 miles away?
4) Good Intentions. (Oooo, I can make something really crafty out of these scraps of paper and old bank statements)
5) Genetics. I come from a long line of pack rats. It is true, isn't it, Kaintie?

So, basically, my brother gave me a great idea. I don't have to KEEP everything. I can have a limit of the things that mean a lot to me, then I can take PICTURES, post them on a site like FLICKR and then write about what they meant to me and why. I don't have to keep and keep and keep for the sake of keeping and having. I can reminisce when I want and look back, but I don't have to keep....

Although, my friends son did name me Liz Keeper a few months ago. A name that hopefully means I am a keeper, not that I keep things around....


RCH said...

I soooo have this problem! And basically for all the reasons you mentioned (though the strength of #3 is less than it used to be -- well, I guess unless it's a drawing from one of my girls, ugh, and then I can't bear to get rid of it for fear of being responsible for their therapy bills down the road).

I like Beefie's idea, though! Maybe I'll try that. In baby steps, at least.

Frau Bailey said...

I am a keeper. I would like to purge some things...I am thinking about the picture idea. I just never know when I might use it again.