Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Job #2 and #3: Shampooologist and the Sugar Shack

I know you are thoroughly thrilled and excited about the prospect of learning what shaped me during my formative years and why I can make such a freakin awesome snowcone....

Job #2: Shampoo-ologist

When I was 14, maybe 15....I was in the 8th grade at least, I had the biggest Badittude you have ever seen. My mom hatched a plan with her long time friend, Julie, to save my soul (I found out this was their motivation years later). Julie owned a beauty salon in downtown SLC and she hired me "under the table" to be her shampoo-ologist. I would lovingly wash customers' hair awating their new cut, wash off color and perms, sweep up hair and fold towels. I went every Wednesday afternoon after school and every Saturday. I don't really remember for how long, but I remember spending all of the money I earned. I think I made 5 bucks an hour, tax free. It was awesome. On Saturdays, my friend Lindsey and I would go to Crossroads mall and spend all of my money I just made at the Gap and the Golden Spoon Yogurt place.

What I learned: 1. How to shake someone's hand for real and not like a dead fish. I shook Julie's hand once and she gave me a grossed out look and said "that isn't how you shake hands. Ever." I have never forgotten that and have since developed a very firm and confident handshake.

Job #3: Sugar Shack Attendant
Somehow, I got roped into working at a SnoCone shack the summer I moved to Kansas City. I was inbetween my sophomore and junior years, so I wasn't 16 and I got paid with some Training Loophole in the law and made about 3 bucks an hour. But that was better than nothing.
I knew the ins and outs of shaved ice. I knew every flavor that could be added and how to put two flavors together to create such concoctions as Tigers Blood and Creamsicle.
The company expanded and opened a second location later that summer and I manned it during the day. BORING DAYS OF SUMMER. That is what I think of when I reflect back. Because I read books all day. I finished Les Miserables.... They asked me the summer after I turned 16 if I wanted to be the Pseudo Manager and make: $3.50 an hour! I politely laughed in their face and worked at a Dry Cleaner instead.
Lesson Learned: Don't eat too many snow cones. It makes you sick, and Les Miserables is a boring book. I was trying to be all uppity...
Back to my real job: The Art of Looking Busy!


Frau Bailey said...

The days of shaved ice. I still crave them...I cannot wait for the shack to open every summer. Ben and I frequent the joint. I sure hope that the workers are making more than we did!

melissa said...

HAHAHA Everyone I know reads Les Miserable and loves it. They are probably liars. I'm glad you are not a liar and that you have a firm handshake. :)