Thursday, March 25, 2010

18 months....and still kickin....

Hello, little boy.
No wait....You are big. And funny. You say words like Ogre and Ostrich and Bronco and you love love love the park. You say Shoes and then Park and then Fun fun fun as we skip out of the car on our way to the swings.
You love grapes and cheese. You could live on cheese alone if you absolutely had to. Or if I let you. You are a Monkey (ooo-ooo-aaah-aaah) and climb on everything. You love Elmo and carry him around in your hand. You love to watch Robbert Bobbert on the Youtube and call the computer "Apple"......(wish we really had an Apple).

You have a little bike and you like to ring the bell. Or Belmo, as Elmo would say. And you LOVE Shrek. If you could, you would watch Shrek all the day long.

You know the sounds the animals make. You use your little pointer finger A. Lot. You are a bit of a prankster and love to wrestle anyone who is laying on the ground. You beg to be tickled and you love to blow bubbles. You are crazy about bubbles. And you are really really good at popping them. You love balls. You love to say "basket ball", and dad hopes it will turn into "football" really soon....You know that cars go VROOOOM and the Sheep says BAAA...You give everyone fives when you leave school.....And you get really sad when other people are sad. If you bonk your head you are sure to show me what caused the pain, and sometimes you reinact it...
You love your dad. You guys are the best of buds and it is the sweetest thing to see....

I love you little Monkey!!!