Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I want to be a Loan Officer when I hear about this stuff...

So, I will leave all names out to protect the innocent and wildly and wierdly stupid....

We , when I say we, I mean, me and Kyle, know someone who wanted to buy a car. So they found a used car. The car originally cost $5,000. They sold some existing stuff, so they only had to borrow $3,000. That is all. But, due to some pre-existing circumstances of let's just say, less than perfect credit issues, they had to settle for a high interest rate. And I don't mean just high. I think the present going rate for used car loans is something like 6%. The Un-named got a loan for 35 %. Yes, 35%....HOLY CRAP. But that is not then end of it. Because of that, their payments are like 300 bucks a month....for I don't know how many years...they have had the car for about 2 and a half. or so. They still owe about 1800 bucks on the car and have had numerous opportunites to pay off the balance, between tax returns, etc. But haven't. We figured it out and they will have ended up paying around $14,000 bucks for this car. Wild and Wierd. Stupid.

It is at times like these that I would like to give out loans at 35%. I could do it...

Idaho House Concurrent Resoluction #29

This is not a joke. I just posted this as a comment in rchblog, but thought it was blog entry worthy. This is for real. Not a joke.....

Concurrent Resolution No. 29. It is flippin sweet.

I found this in a pile of stuff I was cleaning out.
Enjoy and don't pee your pants.

The Great GB.

So, basically, all I can say is that Modern Medicine is Amazing. I mean, honestly, amazing. There I was on Friday, June 24th, having my gall bladder out. I arrive at the hospital at 700 for check in. I get all checked in and wait for them to take me back to the Operating Area. They have this cool tracking system on this HUGE flat screen on the wall for the poor people waiting (as my father in law said, he felt worse for Kyle having to wait forever, than for me having the surgery!! ha ha ha). Anyway, so the tracking system has everyone's name "disguised". Mine appeared as Mi....D, E. Then there were these columns along the top....Pre Op, OR, Recovery1, Recovery 2, etc. and then they put the time under each column of where you are, either the time or little icons, for example, a little man in a surgical mask for the OR, and a friendly little icon to let people know they could come in and visit me, etc. I thought it was cool. Kyle compared it to an airport....

So in I go to PreOp. They get me all naked and robed and then IV'd and drugged up, then and only after they give me to happy drugs do they let Kyle come back. I was happy. I like drugs.
Under the Knife at 945. Done at 1030. OUT OF THE HOSPITAL at 1230. Who even knew? I was excited that I didn't have to stay the night (It costs like a thousand bucks a night. I am NOT even kidding. A thousand bucks!!) Today is day six post surgery and I am feeling really really good. I can sit upright comfortably. I don't take any more medication. Hooray for no more Gall Bladder. And on the Amazing Modern Medicine note. No stitches. My incisions are about the length of my pinky nail. Crazy times we live in. Just crazy.

On an interesting note, we went over the Clarks house on Thursday night so I could get a blessing and Clark said "I want to show you a bill". SO I was like, okay, maybe it is outrageous bill for some crazy thing. No. It was a bill from 1952 when his mom had a masectomy. The TOTAL bill came to $382.oo. And she stayed in the hospital for 13 days. The cost of the hospital per day? $10.00. Yes, you read that right. For her to stay in the hospital for 13 days came to a whopping total of $130.00. So I guess that means everything else, her surgery, etc. was $252.00. And the paper it came on? Smaller than an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. It was like 6x6 or something. Crazy times we live in. That was 53 years ago. Blew me completely away..

Friday, June 17, 2005

Secret Addiction

Ever since I was in Debate in High School, I think I have harbored a secret, or maybe not so secret addiction to....Office Supplies. Yes, sad but true, I love them! Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, you name the office store and I know I could love it. I don't exactly know what it is, but I love pens. I love buying different kinds of pens and testing them out, trying to decide which one I like best. I have a serious assortment of pens at the bottom of my purse at times, then I think they all migrate over to my church bag, because the other day in Young Womens, I dug around in my bag and found like a million pens. Okay, more like nine. A black one. A blue one. A fat one. A hot pink one. A red one, rollerball, I believe. A tiny mini one for tiny mini Franklin planners. A Mechanical Pencil. A regular pencil. Some more black or blue ones. A gel one. A ball point. You name a pen and it was probably in the bottom of my church bag....alas. what is a girl to do?

At any given point throughout my day at work, there will be a smattering of pens all across my desk. There will be, honestly, like ten black pens, a few red ones, a pencil and like twelve highlighters. It doens't help that my desk becomes the center hub for all writing and highlighting on patient home exercise programs, but nonetheless, I just don't understand why I can't commit myself to one pen. I am getting better. I have one pen that I like very much right now. It is one of those nice fat pens that requires refills (refills, whoever thought of making refills for pens? Don't you just go buy a new, different, cooler one?). I even secretly have a stash of five pens I bought at Office Max once, but I keep them in a secret drawer so my co workers don't walk off with them. Zebra. XA-07. Black. Roller ball. 0.7. Arrow Tip. That is all the info I can give you right now. I used to have five. I am now down to a black one and a blue one. ahhhh.

Continuing along the office supply road, I just cleaned out my two drawers that were messy and gross and filled with office supplies. I guess I compulsively order more supplies, and I don't even really look at the drawers. Or, I look at the surface of the drawer and not the depth, because when I cleaned out the drawers today, lets just say, I don't need any more scotch tape, small paper clips, black pens ( I can only order Bic Sticks. How boring), post it notes (both the 3x3 and the 3x5 sizes), or that cool white out paper stuff on that fun little dispenser for like one whole year. I don't know. Maybe it is because I am limited as to what I CAN buy, that I really go crazy and buy tons and tons of the things I am limited to?? Anyway, there is my confession for the day, as my friend Melissa says, "Confession is good for the soul".

Oh, and I am addicted to blogs. I have to learn how to discipline myself in two areas, blogs and pens.

I am well on my way.

Funny Thing Happened....

So, yesterday I borrow my boss' car to go to this crazy meeting that I had. She always lets me borrow her car every now and then for those oh so important "staff meetings". She has a very lovely 1991 Honda Accord WAGON with like 150,000 miles on it, or something like that. So, there I was, driving downtown to this fabulous meeting. Well, I was pulling into the parking lot, and I was behind this big monster of a Dodge Half Ton Truck in front of me, looking for a spot. Well. I guess there was one BEHIND him, and BEHIND me that he wanted. He starts to back up. I am stunned. I look to the rear view mirror. There is a car behind ME, waiting for us to go. So I can't back up. I am trapped!!! I look at the Ram. He stops, so I think, oh he has seen me. Wrong. He is just readjusting his wheel or something, takes his foot of the brake, and continues to back up. He is about 20 feet in front of me. Or so. I frantically search for the horn in this foreign Honda Wagon. I bang on the middle of the steering wheel. No luck. It has those lame little honkers on either side of the steering wheel. I start beeping away. beep beep beep. No response BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. No response. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPP
BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. The truck still comes. There is nothing I can do but wait. I have no control over the huge black thing coming my way, I see it come right over the top of the car, and come to rest on top of the Honda. When they named the RAM, they sure named the RAM. Because it RAMMED me. Old Man. Big Truck. No Mix. No Damage to the Black Monster.

No injuries. Don't worry. I called my boss' husband, because I knew she was with a patient, and he conviently works next door to us. I am like I've never been in an accident before. I am freaking out!!!....anyway, all was fine. It's not like it was a Lexus or something. Just a car. Wagon at that. Thank goodness.

I guess that is it. It is raining today and we are supposed to go camping tonight about 2 hours away. Maybe the weater forecast will change because I bought a lot of hot dogs.....

Later Dude.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Another Organ Bites the Dust

Alas, it is true. The gall bladder must come out. At least that is what I hear. I am not too sure about it all, as no one has bothered much to explain was it means to have a low ejectioin rate, but apparently, that is bad. Most normal functioning gall bladders work at between 35 and 75 percent. Mine has decided to operate at a whopping 14 percent. That sucks. I guess that is why i have been in pain for like a year. Now I will be two organs short in my body. How much more can I lose? My appendix, part of my liver. I guess that is pretty much it. No Fat, Low Fat diet for me. Well I guess that is it....We are going camping this weekend, if the weather agrees with me (fingers crossed) and I am going ot have my fair share of HOT DOGS, BRAWTS, and SMORES as a last Hurah!!

The end.
Farewell, little GB. You have served me well. Well, until about a year ago, that is.

Friday, June 10, 2005

PeTe. ThE cAt

Pete. Pete. Pete.
You are not sweet.
You are mean mean mean
To every human being

Pete Pete Pete
You like to eat meat
Fancy Feast is your delight
Beef Jerky you would take a bite

Pete Pete Pete
You smell like feet
You like to bite toes
Of people you don't even know

Pete Pete Pete
Your fur is kinda neat
It keeps expanding out
as you eat, (and you will, no doubt)

Pete Pete Pete
You can be beat
By a little puppy being nice
Or even little mice

Pete Pete Pete
On Kaintie's bed you take a seat
All day in there you stay
Until to bed people go away

Oh Pete, remember Gram, and how you hissed?
Oh Pete, remember Kyle, and how you hissed?
Oh Pete, remember harmless little babies and how you hissed?
Oh Pete, remember how you hissed.......
I do not miss.
The Pete.

Oh, Pete, Why are you so mean?
We feed you, love you, shelter you.
Well, Kaintie does at least.

Oh Pete pete pete.
You really are a mean mean cat.

At least you bring Joy to the Kaint.
And the Kaint alone.

Oh Pete.
Oh Pete.

For pictures of the infamous scoundral, please see Ken's Blog

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What the heck??

We went to Preston, Idaho over Memorial Day weekend. It was great. That town is sooooo small. We saw Pedro's house. They have brochures complete with maps for Napoleon Dynamite places of interest. I was in the grocery store and I half expected the cashier to hand me my change and say "Have a Dynamite Day". It didn't happen, but wouldn't it have been funny if it had? I mean, really!! I think they should institute that. You can buy all kinds of N.D. t-shirts everywhere you turn. I am not surprised that the movie theatre doesn't have special showings of N.D. everyday at like high noon or something like that (p.s. Preston is so small that when the Rodeo is in town, the movie theatre closes...what???).

Well, it will not surprise the entrepenuers out there that on Sunday I was reading the newspaper, the Idaho Statesman to be exact and there is this big article about Preston and Napoleon Dynamtie And believe it or not, Preston, Idaho is going to have a Napoleon Dynamite festival:

Preston is celebrating its newfound fame and geek-chic cachet with its first-ever Napoleon Dynamite Festival.When: June 24 and 25Where: Preston has, like, less than 5,000 residents — you should be able to find the party.What's going on: You name it:
• Tater Tot eating contests.
• "Moon Boot" dances and lookalike contests.
• Sweet bike and rollerblade races.
• And you can even take a "Rex Kwon Dojo Tour" and learn how to break a
wrist and walk away.
Find out more: At

Yes, that is straight from the side bar in the newspaper.

Gosh, I wish that I could be there. And I also wish that I could make a movie that would make millions of dollars and then the town I filmed it in would have a festival!!

Napoleon Dynamite fansite

That's it folks and have a Dynamite Day!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up.

So, the other day, there was my super cute niece, Maddy. She was getting into the van to go to preschool, (she is the tender age of FIVE) and she says to her mom "Mom, I know what I want to be when I grow up". Melissa, my sister in law, is like, oh okay, "What do you want to be when you grow up, Maddy?" Now, at this point, most parents would expect " I want to be a nurse" or maybe "I want to be a doctor" or maybe even "I want to be an actress", or possibly even "I want to be a princess". Yea, princess, probably the most likely.

Oh no, not Maddy. She says "I want to be a paleontologist". Melissa is like, "Oh, what's a paleontologist" and Maddy replies "You go and dig up dinosaur bones, mom!" in quite an exasperated tone because Melissa had no idea what the heck a Paleontologist was. Then, later that day, Kyle, my cute and adorable husband asks Maddy "Why do you want to be a Paleontolgist?" and Maddy says, in her sassy, what are you asking such a question voice, "Because I like dinosaurs". Come on, Kyle, like that wasn't totally obivous!! I mean, really!......

She is really a smart kid. And I am not trying to even be biased. She really is smart. I hope she stays that way, and that she doesn't lose her dream of becoming a Paleontologist!

When I grow up, I want to be a.........

Monday, June 06, 2005


Welcome to nerdville. I am joining the ranks of some of the greatest nerds on the planet. Kathyrn "Kaintie" Kieffer. Ken "Beefie Boy" Kieffer. Me. Wow this is going to be great. I will get this going and then tell you all about my latest BM's. Isn't that what people put on these? Just kidding a million! I will tell you all about my latest tests and exciting adventures on my bike and stuff like that.
Keep up the good work out there, everyone.
Later Gators.