Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What the heck??

We went to Preston, Idaho over Memorial Day weekend. It was great. That town is sooooo small. We saw Pedro's house. They have brochures complete with maps for Napoleon Dynamite places of interest. I was in the grocery store and I half expected the cashier to hand me my change and say "Have a Dynamite Day". It didn't happen, but wouldn't it have been funny if it had? I mean, really!! I think they should institute that. You can buy all kinds of N.D. t-shirts everywhere you turn. I am not surprised that the movie theatre doesn't have special showings of N.D. everyday at like high noon or something like that (p.s. Preston is so small that when the Rodeo is in town, the movie theatre closes...what???).

Well, it will not surprise the entrepenuers out there that on Sunday I was reading the newspaper, the Idaho Statesman to be exact and there is this big article about Preston and Napoleon Dynamtie And believe it or not, Preston, Idaho is going to have a Napoleon Dynamite festival:

Preston is celebrating its newfound fame and geek-chic cachet with its first-ever Napoleon Dynamite Festival.When: June 24 and 25Where: Preston has, like, less than 5,000 residents — you should be able to find the party.What's going on: You name it:
• Tater Tot eating contests.
• "Moon Boot" dances and lookalike contests.
• Sweet bike and rollerblade races.
• And you can even take a "Rex Kwon Dojo Tour" and learn how to break a
wrist and walk away.
Find out more: At

Yes, that is straight from the side bar in the newspaper.

Gosh, I wish that I could be there. And I also wish that I could make a movie that would make millions of dollars and then the town I filmed it in would have a festival!!

Napoleon Dynamite fansite

That's it folks and have a Dynamite Day!

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RCH said...

When I saw this, I realized the Napoleon marketing machine had gone too far!