Friday, June 10, 2005

PeTe. ThE cAt

Pete. Pete. Pete.
You are not sweet.
You are mean mean mean
To every human being

Pete Pete Pete
You like to eat meat
Fancy Feast is your delight
Beef Jerky you would take a bite

Pete Pete Pete
You smell like feet
You like to bite toes
Of people you don't even know

Pete Pete Pete
Your fur is kinda neat
It keeps expanding out
as you eat, (and you will, no doubt)

Pete Pete Pete
You can be beat
By a little puppy being nice
Or even little mice

Pete Pete Pete
On Kaintie's bed you take a seat
All day in there you stay
Until to bed people go away

Oh Pete, remember Gram, and how you hissed?
Oh Pete, remember Kyle, and how you hissed?
Oh Pete, remember harmless little babies and how you hissed?
Oh Pete, remember how you hissed.......
I do not miss.
The Pete.

Oh, Pete, Why are you so mean?
We feed you, love you, shelter you.
Well, Kaintie does at least.

Oh Pete pete pete.
You really are a mean mean cat.

At least you bring Joy to the Kaint.
And the Kaint alone.

Oh Pete.
Oh Pete.

For pictures of the infamous scoundral, please see Ken's Blog

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