Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Great GB.

So, basically, all I can say is that Modern Medicine is Amazing. I mean, honestly, amazing. There I was on Friday, June 24th, having my gall bladder out. I arrive at the hospital at 700 for check in. I get all checked in and wait for them to take me back to the Operating Area. They have this cool tracking system on this HUGE flat screen on the wall for the poor people waiting (as my father in law said, he felt worse for Kyle having to wait forever, than for me having the surgery!! ha ha ha). Anyway, so the tracking system has everyone's name "disguised". Mine appeared as Mi....D, E. Then there were these columns along the top....Pre Op, OR, Recovery1, Recovery 2, etc. and then they put the time under each column of where you are, either the time or little icons, for example, a little man in a surgical mask for the OR, and a friendly little icon to let people know they could come in and visit me, etc. I thought it was cool. Kyle compared it to an airport....

So in I go to PreOp. They get me all naked and robed and then IV'd and drugged up, then and only after they give me to happy drugs do they let Kyle come back. I was happy. I like drugs.
Under the Knife at 945. Done at 1030. OUT OF THE HOSPITAL at 1230. Who even knew? I was excited that I didn't have to stay the night (It costs like a thousand bucks a night. I am NOT even kidding. A thousand bucks!!) Today is day six post surgery and I am feeling really really good. I can sit upright comfortably. I don't take any more medication. Hooray for no more Gall Bladder. And on the Amazing Modern Medicine note. No stitches. My incisions are about the length of my pinky nail. Crazy times we live in. Just crazy.

On an interesting note, we went over the Clarks house on Thursday night so I could get a blessing and Clark said "I want to show you a bill". SO I was like, okay, maybe it is outrageous bill for some crazy thing. No. It was a bill from 1952 when his mom had a masectomy. The TOTAL bill came to $382.oo. And she stayed in the hospital for 13 days. The cost of the hospital per day? $10.00. Yes, you read that right. For her to stay in the hospital for 13 days came to a whopping total of $130.00. So I guess that means everything else, her surgery, etc. was $252.00. And the paper it came on? Smaller than an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. It was like 6x6 or something. Crazy times we live in. That was 53 years ago. Blew me completely away..


Claude said...

I am glad that you were able to pull through okay!

RCH said...

Oh yay! I've been thinking about you, wondering how it went.

You have my condolences on the loss of your gall bladder, but I'm glad you feel better! :-D