Thursday, May 15, 2008

Swimming Lessons

So I decided to be proactive in this whole "Can't Fit Into My Clothes Anymore" thing and take some prenatal exercise classes. This week I started a round of Water Aerobics for the Pregnant and Huge Feeling Whale-Like Lady. Hooray!! I am going Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and I might even sign up for Prenatal Yoga and really rock out my body. Hooray...

Sidenote: Funnily enough, I thought I would feel better about buying a maternity swimsuit than a regular swimsuit (which I have a massive allergic reaction to each and every time~ha). I was wrong. I still had the allergic reaction which involved something like watery eyes, crying and hyperventilating.

So it is fun. The ladies are all pregnant and look all cute and fun and I just look on the chubby side (I know you are all thinking "but it is for a good reason, you are growing a little baby inside of you, it is CUTE"...I know I know I know...but it is still hard and Kyle is still getting sick of me saying "Do you think I am still cute? huh? Do you? Today more than yesterday? or less than yesterday??? huh huh huh????" Hopefully he'll make it through this whole thing still in love with me and hopefully I will make it through an evening at home without falling asleep at 8:15. We'll see.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pregnancy: Weeks 21 and 22

Oh dear, this has been a more eventful two weeks than all of the other weeks combined

1. Found out we are having a Boy....hooray!!

2. Decided on NOT calling it Bruce anymore, out of fear that it will stick, which we NEVER intended...

3. After the UltraSound, Skeletor is a much more appropriate name..See what I mean?

The doctor came into the room after the US and really didn't have much to say....because so far he is PERFECT!!

4. Celebrated my first mothers day for real, kind of for real at least!

5. Grew THREE inches in ONE week. What???? THREE INCHES~!!!! What kind of insanity is that????

6. Still keeping the impending name choices for Skeletor a secret and it is KILLING our moms...sorry moms! We love you still!!! They are good names, you don't have to worry.

7. Speaking of names...You can comment on potential names! That would be rad. We are having a hard time, and have whittled it down to three or four, but still aren't sold on any of them....

8. Got a mattress for the crib. Organic filled so little Skeletor won't be sleeping on formaldehyde soaked cotton.

9. Back at "fighting weight" as the doc called it....

10. Discovered that people patting my growing belly isn't as cute as they think it is.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Recap: Week 20

Hungry hungry Hippo.
Little bit of Rage.
Threw up for the first time!
Haven't felt little Bruce move yet.
Starting to show more.
Not as sleepy, but still sleepy.
More anxiety.
Looked into Day Cares. Got depressed.
More Hungry.