Thursday, May 01, 2008

Recap: Week 20

Hungry hungry Hippo.
Little bit of Rage.
Threw up for the first time!
Haven't felt little Bruce move yet.
Starting to show more.
Not as sleepy, but still sleepy.
More anxiety.
Looked into Day Cares. Got depressed.
More Hungry.


Frau Bailey said...

You find out the sex of the baby soon, right??? I hear that after that pregnancy is a breeze.
Daycares---that does not sound like very much fun. I just heard some co-workers talking about how they spend $1200 a month for daycare (two kids) That is crazy! Best of luck!

K2 said...

I can't wait to find out what Bruce is! So exciting. I am so glad that things are going well with the pregnancy.

Brian Muir said...

Felicidades! You have been blessed with a man child! We find out Thursday what Francis is going to be. Boy's are the funnest, you'll love it!