Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quirky, I am Not

So, my sister tagged me to write 6 quirky things about myself, and in my search, nay, my quest to find some quirky things, I have discovered that I am quirkily UN-quirky. My Husband and I were driving to Twin Falls, Idaho, and on the way I was brainstorming my quirks.

Unfortunately, the TWO things I came up with, my sisters have already listed as quirks on their blogs: 1) Before I go to bed, the covers, pillows, sheets, etc., all have to be perfectly made. And the Husband cannot mess up my side or I get very upset and I can't sleep well. and 2) When I take a shower I have to do the same things in the same order: Shampoo, Condition, Wash the Body, Wash the Face, Brush the Teeth, Rinse the Body, Rinse the Hair.

That is it. My two quirks> that apparently are shared in my family, so who knows if they are really quirks?

I tried for Days! I would walk up to my Husband and say "what about blah blah blah", and he would look at me with a bit of sadness in his eyes and say "Honey, that isn't that quirky" That must have happened twenty times.

He on the other hand, plenty of quirks. P-L-E-N-T-Y. I will share a few in this post:
1) He constantly checks to see if his wallet is in his back pocket. Not like one or two times a day, but constantly. When we go to the movie theatre, during the movie he will check upwards to twenty times to ensure it is in his pocket.
2) If he irons in the morning, and knows that he turned it off and unplugged it, he has been known, more than once, to drive home from work to double check that it is unplugged. Even if he knows.
3) He can quote the entire Wizard of Oz
4) If, when watching a movie, there is any dust on the TV or Lamp, etc, he has to get up and clean it, which leads to cleaning something else, and so on and so on...
5) Eats his potato chips with ketchup
6) Some fabrics have been declared "drying" by him....fleece, micro suede, etc, and cannot be tolerated.

So, there you go. Because I am unquirky, i.e, Boring, I had to cheat and use him.
I tag the two people that read my blog....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Two Months Old!

Dear Junior Birdman,
What a great month! You are getting so big. Gigantic is what I call you most of the time, because you seem so gigantic to me! When I hold you in my arms, Dad will look at you and say "he is getting so big". It is true. You are growing by leaps and bounds. Mostly growing in a Round way, around the middle area. You grow out of your clothes so fast! We bought you some "real pants", instead of the staple of your wardrobe: Sweat Pants with Elastic waistbands and we should have bought the next size up, because when we put them on you and buttoned the button, your pudge spilled over the sides in a newborn muffin was cute! But also alarming that you are gaining weight so fast and furious. (We went to the doc for your two month check up: 90% for Height and 95% for Weight!)
You love to eat. You never miss a meal, that is for sure. And you go from zero to STARVING in five seconds. At night, if I don't feed you fast enough, you start freaking out sometimes, and won't settle down enough to realize that you can eat.....But, really, that is the only time you really "freak out". You started smiling this month!! We were so excited to see you move your smile from during your sleeping hours to actually smiling. At Us. While you are awake. It is the sweetest smile. You smile with your eyes, like your dad. You still laugh in your sleep, and I can't wait for you to laugh on purpose. You also started mimicking me a little bit, if I stick my tongue out, you'll do the same. You are sleeping better. 7 to 8 hours at a time. It is glorious. Now. When you first started sleeping for longer periods, I couldn't handle it. I kept waking up, checking on you, listening to you on the monitor, wondering if you were okay. In the last week or so, I have been able to sleep for longer periods and not worry about you as much. You met your aunts and uncles from the Kieffer side this month. Sadly, my grandmother passed away, and we traveled to Utah for her funeral. You were the star of the show, and I have fully accepted the fact that it will no longer be exciting for them to see ME, but you will forever be the excitement. That is okay, because they LOVE you. My cousin, Diana took some awesome pictures of our family, and of you...they turned out fantastic (some of her photos are featured here and her photo blog is here)/
Unfortunately, you also got your first bug while we were there. You got a cold and haven't felt good for about 2 weeks now. I totally freaked out that first night, worried to death about you, as you stopped breathing due to the snot build up. You still aren't feeling very good, and this cold has gone through the house. But, even though you are sick, you are still a happy, sweet baby.
One of my favorite times of the day with you is the morning, when you are taking your morning nap. We cuddle and I look at you and you are so peaceful. I can't imagine that you were in my belly. Life with you feels natural. Perfect.


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Favorite Baby Stuff: Installment #1

I am working on the 2nd Month of Junior Birdman's life update, but it is still in the making. Instead, I will share with you a few of my favorite things for babies:

This blanket is the ultimate swaddler. We did okay with receiving blankets, but this blanket makes it so much easier. Birdman likes to be swaddled at night, it helps him sleep. And this blanket has flaps for his arms, a pouch for his feet, and extra material that goes all around his middle. I LOVE this. After he puked on it on the second night home, and we had to do the laundry in the middle of the night, we went and bought a second one. Since Week 6, Birdman has been sleeping about 7-8 hours per night! This blanket makes the whole swaddling process So Much Easier. Instead of the blankets coming loose, we strap him into this little straight jacket, and he loves it...and we love it too. And he sleeps good. And we love it even more because of that.

#2: The BOB

I love love love this stroller. It has the smoothest ride, mad shocks and is fun to take out and use. I can take it anywhere, to the mall, outside, hiking (if I wanted to)...but it is amazing. The front wheel unlocks and swivels, so I can take it inside stores with the greatest of ease. It has a big shade, and an attachment for our car seat. I went on a walk with another mom the other day, she had a Travel System Stroller, and I was really glad that we purchased the BOB. It is Awesome....folds down a bit big, but it is easy to fold and unfold and it is fun fun fun.

#3: Diaper Caddy
I Love this diaper caddy. We tote it all around the house. Since we two levels at our house, it is nice to be able to tote around all of the things we need from upstairs to downstairs. It has a little drawer that we keep his fingernail clippers, nursing pads, thermometer etc. in.

PS: This picture is not of me.....

Of all the carriers that are out there: Slings, Pouches, Bjorns, etc. I LOVE this one. I have a sling and a Bjorn, but the Sleepy Wrap is so comfortable. It doesn't hurt my back, and I am comfortable going "hands free". And I get a lot of compliments on it. I was a little apprehensive at first, because it is a long piece of material I have to wrap around my body like I am a mummy, but I think it is the best thing out there. Junior likes it too. He usually falls right asleep on our little walks.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Darn you Bulb Syringe!!

This is the bane of my, Junior Birdmans, and my Darling Husband's existence right now....Junior Birdman is fighting off a cold, and I have to suck the snot out of his nose every five minutes. And he yells and screams and it makes me so sad....

Monday, November 03, 2008

Our Tiny Pirate: tRiCk Or TrEaTiNg footage!

Our tiny Pirate

aaaarrrrggghhhh...remember when I was a waitress and I would tell the patrons Pirate Jokes, in hope to get bigger tips...well, that never happened, but Gram was a little Pirate for Halloween...and I very handsome one at that....and scary....aaaarrgghhhhh....