Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quirky, I am Not

So, my sister tagged me to write 6 quirky things about myself, and in my search, nay, my quest to find some quirky things, I have discovered that I am quirkily UN-quirky. My Husband and I were driving to Twin Falls, Idaho, and on the way I was brainstorming my quirks.

Unfortunately, the TWO things I came up with, my sisters have already listed as quirks on their blogs: 1) Before I go to bed, the covers, pillows, sheets, etc., all have to be perfectly made. And the Husband cannot mess up my side or I get very upset and I can't sleep well. and 2) When I take a shower I have to do the same things in the same order: Shampoo, Condition, Wash the Body, Wash the Face, Brush the Teeth, Rinse the Body, Rinse the Hair.

That is it. My two quirks> that apparently are shared in my family, so who knows if they are really quirks?

I tried for Days! I would walk up to my Husband and say "what about blah blah blah", and he would look at me with a bit of sadness in his eyes and say "Honey, that isn't that quirky" That must have happened twenty times.

He on the other hand, plenty of quirks. P-L-E-N-T-Y. I will share a few in this post:
1) He constantly checks to see if his wallet is in his back pocket. Not like one or two times a day, but constantly. When we go to the movie theatre, during the movie he will check upwards to twenty times to ensure it is in his pocket.
2) If he irons in the morning, and knows that he turned it off and unplugged it, he has been known, more than once, to drive home from work to double check that it is unplugged. Even if he knows.
3) He can quote the entire Wizard of Oz
4) If, when watching a movie, there is any dust on the TV or Lamp, etc, he has to get up and clean it, which leads to cleaning something else, and so on and so on...
5) Eats his potato chips with ketchup
6) Some fabrics have been declared "drying" by him....fleece, micro suede, etc, and cannot be tolerated.

So, there you go. Because I am unquirky, i.e, Boring, I had to cheat and use him.
I tag the two people that read my blog....


Bailey Family said...

Those were fun to read. Maybe I will start thinking about Ben's could only think of two?? I guess that means that you are a really cool person! (But I already knew that about you.)

K2 said...

I guess I am super quirky because Matt reminded me that my food can't touch. I think I am a weirdo. Your post made me laugh.

melissa said...

I hear ya, dude. Someone tagged me with that sucker a month ago and I declare myself of sound mind and body. Your sister, on the other hand . . .:)