Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Another Organ Bites the Dust

Alas, it is true. The gall bladder must come out. At least that is what I hear. I am not too sure about it all, as no one has bothered much to explain was it means to have a low ejectioin rate, but apparently, that is bad. Most normal functioning gall bladders work at between 35 and 75 percent. Mine has decided to operate at a whopping 14 percent. That sucks. I guess that is why i have been in pain for like a year. Now I will be two organs short in my body. How much more can I lose? My appendix, part of my liver. I guess that is pretty much it. No Fat, Low Fat diet for me. Well I guess that is it....We are going camping this weekend, if the weather agrees with me (fingers crossed) and I am going ot have my fair share of HOT DOGS, BRAWTS, and SMORES as a last Hurah!!

The end.
Farewell, little GB. You have served me well. Well, until about a year ago, that is.


Claude said...

Ahhhh - the Lizard is losing her GB!

At least you don't have to use a colostomy bag (Yet)!

Love you...

Mrs. McMitchell said...

Hey Liz,

This is Becky (Mitchell formerly Young)and I am also without a gall bladder! So you can come join my club. I promise you will feel so much better when it is out. Just no sleeping on your side for a couple of weeks. Ouch!
Good luck, sweetie!

Paola said...

What's one less GB? Your mom hasn't had hers for 24 years!

Hope all is well (after the surgery)

Love you always.