Friday, June 17, 2005

Secret Addiction

Ever since I was in Debate in High School, I think I have harbored a secret, or maybe not so secret addiction to....Office Supplies. Yes, sad but true, I love them! Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, you name the office store and I know I could love it. I don't exactly know what it is, but I love pens. I love buying different kinds of pens and testing them out, trying to decide which one I like best. I have a serious assortment of pens at the bottom of my purse at times, then I think they all migrate over to my church bag, because the other day in Young Womens, I dug around in my bag and found like a million pens. Okay, more like nine. A black one. A blue one. A fat one. A hot pink one. A red one, rollerball, I believe. A tiny mini one for tiny mini Franklin planners. A Mechanical Pencil. A regular pencil. Some more black or blue ones. A gel one. A ball point. You name a pen and it was probably in the bottom of my church bag....alas. what is a girl to do?

At any given point throughout my day at work, there will be a smattering of pens all across my desk. There will be, honestly, like ten black pens, a few red ones, a pencil and like twelve highlighters. It doens't help that my desk becomes the center hub for all writing and highlighting on patient home exercise programs, but nonetheless, I just don't understand why I can't commit myself to one pen. I am getting better. I have one pen that I like very much right now. It is one of those nice fat pens that requires refills (refills, whoever thought of making refills for pens? Don't you just go buy a new, different, cooler one?). I even secretly have a stash of five pens I bought at Office Max once, but I keep them in a secret drawer so my co workers don't walk off with them. Zebra. XA-07. Black. Roller ball. 0.7. Arrow Tip. That is all the info I can give you right now. I used to have five. I am now down to a black one and a blue one. ahhhh.

Continuing along the office supply road, I just cleaned out my two drawers that were messy and gross and filled with office supplies. I guess I compulsively order more supplies, and I don't even really look at the drawers. Or, I look at the surface of the drawer and not the depth, because when I cleaned out the drawers today, lets just say, I don't need any more scotch tape, small paper clips, black pens ( I can only order Bic Sticks. How boring), post it notes (both the 3x3 and the 3x5 sizes), or that cool white out paper stuff on that fun little dispenser for like one whole year. I don't know. Maybe it is because I am limited as to what I CAN buy, that I really go crazy and buy tons and tons of the things I am limited to?? Anyway, there is my confession for the day, as my friend Melissa says, "Confession is good for the soul".

Oh, and I am addicted to blogs. I have to learn how to discipline myself in two areas, blogs and pens.

I am well on my way.


Claude said...

This is the funniest, coolest thing that I have read all day - thanks for making me smile, UnoKidney!

Paola said...

I think this is an inherited trait since I also have a fetish for pens. I must have forty in my desk alone!

Paola said...
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RCH said...

Mmmmm, pens! Count me in as another afficianado! I'm also overly fond of paper. Kathryn & Becky used to make fun of me because of my not-so-secret love of the Dixon Paper Company store (now Expedex, :-P)in SLC.