Friday, January 11, 2008

Introducing: Lucy Macaroni

We got a puppy. She is sweet, most of the time. Her name is Lucy Macaroni.
Here is the cutest picture of any puppy you will ever see:

That is after bath time. Here is one of her during bathtime:

Notice how she kind of looks like a rat. Well, when we are out walking her, (or, more approriately, dragging her along) people will stop us and ooo and ahhhhh. One time someone said "I was wondering what you were walking" and I replied "A rat". She is tiny, but pudgy too. She currently weighs in at 5.8 massive pounds.

Other names we affectionately refer to her as: Lucy, LuLu, Lucy Goosey, Midge, Super Midge, Fatty, and my personal favorite, Bargain Bin (because that is where we got her, the Puppy Bargain Bin)

Puppy Preschool starts on Saturday. I will let you know how it goes.


melissa said...

That is the funniest dog picture I've ever seen! How did you come up with her name?

Frau Bailey said...

Love the tub pic. She looks sassy and fun. I am glad I am not the only blogging about my animal! She is cute! Take more pictures!

Uno Kidney said...

The Name; Lucy, we just liked. Macaroni, because we went and saw the movie Fred Claus, and there is this cool Black Kid in there that wants a Dog for Christmas, and when he gets it, he says "Macaroni, is that you?". We saw it after we had already named her, but if we had seen it before, we just might have named her Macaroni Baloney or something like that....