Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oh and another thing....

Feel a bit weird about riding around with an empty carseat in my car.
So, in order for that carseat to be filled, here are Things I've Been Doing to Get This Kid Moving:

1. We went on a long #$% walk the other day along the lovely Boise Greenbelt. Most of the reason it ended up being about two miles, is we were looking for a bathroom, and instead of turing back, said to ourselves: There has to be one around this bend. There was, a mile more walking, I think...right?

2. Sitting on The Ball. Rumor has it this will help. So far, I have just been bouncing around.

3. Eating Spicy Foods. Do Chili's Boneless Buffalo Wings count?

4. Getting a Pedicure. I got a sweet gift card to a local spa and am going to get the Deluxe Floating Feather Pedicure. Here is the Divine Description:

Deluxe Floating Feather® Pedicure: 75-minute treatment. This ultimate pedicure starts off with a relaxing foot soak and includes nail grooming, cuticle maintenance, and oil massage of the cuticles. An exfoliating scrub is rubbed on the feet and the calves followed by an extended foot massage. The feet are then dipped into a paraffin wax followed by a foot mask. This refreshing treatment is finished with a polish application.
Sounds Divine to me. I will let you know how that goes!

5. I finished things at work that were hanging over my head. FINISHED I said. The stress should be gone, no? PS I even went into work late today. And left early (mainly due to paint fumes and did not want to get the child high before he even comes into this world).

6. There are "other" ways, but I will not post about them, as I know you are all innocent. Not saying we have tried them or anything, just sayin....

Any ideas out there??


RCH said...

Ugh, OTHER ways. I don't know about you, but that was the *last* thing I ever wanted to do at that stage!

What worked for me, especially the first time, was scheduling an induction date for a week (or was it two weeks?) away. I complained that night that this kid would never come on her own, and then bam--! 2am in the morning, my water broke. Ta-da!

So get an induction date. Or at least tell your belly that you have one; maybe you can trick him into coming out.

Frau Bailey said...

I hear Kyle can help a bit...some call it "taking medicine" others call it by another name...

Sounds like you are trying everything. Keep up the good work. I am excited to see pics of my baby nephew!

melissa said...

There's a salad dressing at a place called "Buddy's" in Pocatello that sent my mom into labor twice.

I think we're given nine months because by the eighth month you just want it out and it doesn't matter that there are only two ways it can get out and neither sound fun.

You are awesome and he will come soon!

Emily Anne said...

hi. I'm Kathryn's friend Emily, in case you are wondering. I am in nursing school right now and am in maternity class we were discussing ways to help a person go into labor. Anyone who doesn't want to know stop reading right now. It's nipple stimulation. It helps your body produce oxytocin to go into labor. They use it in the hospital sometimes. Sorry to anyone who didn't want to know.