Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I got Tagged. finally!! I have been waiting and waiting for a tag. Hooray for tagging....

Here is my tag: Things of 8. Or as I have renamed the blog: Things of Eight That No One Really Wants to Know, But I am Telling You Anyway.

8 TV Shows I Watch
Disclaimer: When I was home with Junior Birdman, I watched a fair amount of the tube while he was sleeping....
1. The Office
2. I have a sick addiction to America's Next Top Model
3. I HAD a sick addiction to Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Mainly because Hello Sextuplets!!! Then I got over it.
4. Little People Big World (They are Little People in a Big World....the title alone!)
5. Cash Cab. I can't get enough of this one!!! I Love it!
6. Iron Chef. Wow. The Replays! The Secret Ingredient! The Judges faces!!
7. Ace of Cakes. I don't catch this one very often, but AM-A-Zing. I can hardly frost a cake..
8. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Funny. Hilarious. Games. Dunking people in the Dunking Booth! Fun times had by all

8 Things that Happened Yesterday
1. Dropped Birdman off at Day Care. (insert sad, forlorn sigh here)
2. Went to a presentation on an Electronic Document Management System. For Five Hours.
3. Went to the Doctor
4. Drank two pints of Chocolate Milk (not at the same time)
5. Made Quesedilla's out of the Taco makin's from Sunday
6. Picked Birdman Up from Day Care (Insert Joyful, elated, happy dance here)
7. Snuggled with Birdman after work and before dinner
8. Gave Birdman a bath and laughed because he only kicks and splashes with his right foot.

8 Favorite Places to Eat
1. Chili's...I don't know why, but I love it.
2. The Ram
3. Ono (Hawaiian and absolutely fabulous)
4. Rita's House or The Gilettley's House (not restaurants but some Kick @#$ cooks from Toronto/the mission
5. Texas Roadhouse
6. White Water Pizza
7. The Brick Oven Bistro (lovingly referred to as The Beanery)
8. George's Deli

8 Things I Look Forward To
1. Everyday: Holding Junior Birdman in my arms at the end of the day
2. Everyday: Seeing my Honey come home
3. Getting some Shut Eye
4. Paying off the car and student loan
5. Having a Conversation with my son.
6. My Anniversary!! Saturday!!
7. When My Brain will come back from being Pregnant
8. Building New Traditions

8 Things on My Wishlist
1. To Be A Great Mom
2. Gift Cards to Borders. Like Forever
3. New Shoes
4. To Be Content
5. Time to make Jewelry
6. Time with my little family
7. To remember every moment with Junior Birdman
8. 8 more wishes

8 people I tag...if you haven't already done it...
Mar, Kaintie, Tara, Ken, Becky, Rachael, Melissa, Anyone else who reads this???
If you do it, leave a comment on this blog that you did so I can read it!

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Norah said...

I admit, I stalk your blog. I got a Facebook last year and have just loved keeping track of the gang from college. From those of us on the East Coast, Thanks for blogging!

Angel Ehrisman Yudichak
your favorite college roommate!