Thursday, January 01, 2009

Tummy Time

Birdman likes Tummy Time. For about a minute.
Then his head gets too heavy for his toothpick neck.
Here are some recent pictures from a few episodes of:Tummy Time with Junior Birdman.

PS: I think his eyes will be BLUE!!


Bailey Family said...

He is beautiful.

Brian Muir said...

He is soooo good lookin'.
Way to be birdman!

Brian Muir said...

I finally looked up "junior birdman" to discover the history behind the phrase. My curiosity has been bugging me about it for a while.

Kyle said...

We were calling him junior at first then one day I just added the birdman and it stuck. I got it from the first Batman movie, the Joker calls Batman "junior birdman" at one point (I guess there is some sort of model airplane club or a camp song or something that has a reference too).

Brian Muir said...

It is also a reference to a rookie pilot in Viet Nam with no combat experience. (model airplane club is the earlier reference though)

Kyle said...

I didn't know John McCain eh!...Maybe birdman will run for president someday! He already has the public speaking skills (when you compare his skills to Palin's that is).