Friday, January 01, 2010

2009: Review in Photos

Hey...I know you! Welcome back....

Here is what you've missed while you were away, worrying about other things, you know, other than why I hadn't posted...
(caution: might make your heart explode. I am totally not responsible for that)

January 2009: Junior Birdman learned how to get more and more chunky. And possibly cuter (how?) AND he started a very competitive Gigantic Caterpillar Wrestling career.
February 2009:
First solid foods. Hasn't slowed down since. (look at those arms!)

March 2009: Face-Melting Cuteness: Achieved April 2009: Finally started pulling his weight around the house. About time. (that joke never gets old)

May 2009: First airplane trip! Did great on the plane and had an amazing time wowing my side of the family with his impressive Army Crawling skills.

June 2009: Junior Birdman receives his Third Official Haircut. Or should I say Hair Cute? ha! (I may be a wee bit more cheesy since the Birdman came into my life)

July 2009: Junior Birdman wows the ladies with his book collection, and ability to slobber on demand, and crawl like a real man.

Acting SO nonchalant. It is his "thing".

August 2009: The Birdman learned that dirt=gross, played with Grandpa Jensen's beard (last picture with him), and perfected his "cool guy look" for the aforementioned "ladies"

September 2009: One Year Old! Grandma K came to visit and we had a serious backyard Par-Tay, complete with a fever and unidentified rash ...AND he showed everyone what it REALLY means to be a Bronco fan.

October 2009: Junior Birdman as Yoda. The End. AND convinced us to buy him two little goats and put them in our backyard.

November 2009: Confirmed his love for apples. A lot of apple eating in November.

December 2009: Presents! Christmas! Fun! and Birdman ventured into the snow for the very first time!

Well, there you have it. A complete recap! Hooray!

Expect more excitement tomorrow, when I return with " What has Birdman been carrying around lately?"


thepainterfamily said...

You're back!!!!!

Ok...that pic of sweeping in the highchair...FRAME IT! Cutest thing i've seen!

Bailey Family said...

Awesome post! I love the birdman and his crazy ways. I want to squeeze him and kiss him...oh wait! I will get to all too soon.

Love you!

Mike and Amy said...

Thanks for the update, Liz. Birdman is adorable!