Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Grocery Cart

So. The other night I had to go the grocery store. I did not want to go to the grocery store. I don't really like the grocery store. Don't get me wrong, I like food. But the grocery is a whole other story. I think that it is because it seems so huge. It seems like I have to do a bunch of grocery shopping at once, especially when I go to a store like Winco. For ya'll who aren't part of the NW culture, the WINCO is a lot like Food for Less, etc. Or No Frills in Canada. They spare EVERY expense. You know, you bag your own food, it is like a huge warehouse, etc. But the prices are SOOO much lower! So, I have to go to the store. Kyle advises me not to go. I think, okay, I won't, Then I think, I have to or we won't eat. So I go. I go through the whole store, fill up my cart with goodies, then go to the cashier.

She rings me up. She wants about 80 bucks. I think, okay. So I go to grab my check book. Part of this whole giving us food for less and not charging us crazy amounts for food is accepting only cash and checks. That is it. NO debit cards. No credit cards. Nothing convenient like that. So I flip to the back of my check book. No checks. crap.

So the lady points to this generic tiny stupid little ATM in the corner and says I can get money from that. I try. And try. and try. and try and try and try. Needless to say, for some reason, my bank won't give me any money. I am pretty mad by now. The manager comes over to see what the problem is. The stupid store, in cutting all expenses to bring me a lower price, has a DIAL up ATM machine. Hence the wait and the ATM not working. Then my bank thinks some criminal has my card and is trying to get out hundreds of dollars, so I am sure it won't give it to me anyway. So I say, "well, I guess I can run home and get some money or more checks" and he says, oh okay, I will put your grocery cart in the refridgerator and keep it cold while you do that. First of all, this must happen a lot. Second of all, they have big fridges.

So I leave. I call Kyle. I am mad. He says come home. I say, no I will try again. He says just come home. I say, No I will drive to the bank and to the ATM that is connected to the bank instead of to some cinderblock at the cheap store. He says, just come home. I say, I will if this doesn't work.

I drive to the bank. I try to take 100 bucks out first (I think the total was 82 bucks or something, and since I can only get denominations of 20, I must round up to the big Franklin). The ATM denies. I try 80. Denied again. 60? Nope. But it does give me 40. So then I think, well I will just do that again. I try 40. No chance. Then I try 20. It does give me 20. So now I am sitting in my car with 60 bucks. I just need 20 more. I try again. No go. Now I am really mad. My own bank won't give me money that I KNOW I have in there and that I need to go back and buy my poor little groceries so we can eat......

So I go home. I abandon the cart in the fridge at the Winco and just drive straight home. I guess sometimes I just need a brick to hit me over the head with the message:
1. Kyle tells me not to go.
2. I have no checks.
3. After 6 attempts the stupid little ATM won't give me the moola I seek.
4. Kyle tells me to go home.
5. The ATM at my bank won't give me the right amount.

How many signs? Like 11.
And that is how I came to abandon my grocery cart. Do I feel guilty? I don't know.....


Heather said...

Poor grocery's probably internalized it and thinks it is at fault.

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