Friday, February 17, 2006

Bad things come in Threes

So I am going to report on Cali in one second....I am not at my normal computer and the pictures I wanted to put in the vacation day two post are on the other computer, but I have something very important to say, so listen up.
I understand that things happen in threes. I don't know if it is an old wive's tale or just a pessimistic look at life, but I only notice the Bad Things happening in Threes. Here is out latest experience with this:
Our Car. yes, the cute one we just bought in July. I thought brand new cars weren't supposed to give you trouble. Here goes.

Exhibit 1): I went to get our second oil change. Commerical Tire had given us a $20 gift certificate and I decided to go there to save a buck or twenty. I went, they changed it, everything was fine. That was a few weeks ago on a Thursday around 4:00. Friday about 1:30 I am driving back to work and my car starts freaking out, it won't accelerate, it is making an noise that cars just don't make. The oil light comes on. I call Commercial Tire immediately. They come, add THREE + QUARTS of oil to my car, take it, and decide that someone didn't put the oil filter back on correctly, so all the oil drained out of my car in less than 24 hours. I took the car to Dennis Dillion Mazda right away. They told me to bring it back on Monday and they did some tests on it to make sure nothing was wrong. They charged Commercial Tire 300 bucks. The thing I thought was funny was that Commercial Tire has an ACCOUNT with Dennis Dillion. Hmmm... I called all the sites I was at that day and asked them to look where I had parked. They were like: I can't exactly leave the desk, but from here I can see a HUGE puddle outside. I only drove about 20 miles before all the oil had drained out.

Exhibit 2): The next Thursday. Yes, I mean three days after I get my car fixed because of the Oil Thing, I am driving down the road toward my work and an older woman Crashes into me. She was stopped at a stop sign, I was cruising down the raod, and when I entered the intersection, she just RAMS me on the passenger side. RAMS ME. T Bone Style. She tought it was a one way and just looked one way before she tried to proceed straight through the intersection. RAMMED. Kyle and I drive the Mazda BACK to Dennis Dillion. Three Days after I had it in the for the Oil Incident. They fix the car, I get it on Monday, about three weeks later.

Exhibit 3): On Monday, we picked up the car from Dennis Dillion. I was so excited to have the car back. Fixed and beautiful and I didn't have to drive the rental anymore and I was all relaxed because I had just come back from California. On Tuesday, Valentines Day, we met at Outback Steakhouse, had dinner, then went to find a movie at Circuit City or Best Buy. We found one. I was getting on the freeway and I hear this loud bang on the windsheild. I was like, crap, I totally just got a chip in my windshield, but I couldn't see the chip point. Thursday, or yesterday, I was driving my car to a site that is being built so I could see it and lo and behold I have a HUGE CRACK across my windsheild. What the heck? So we have to get that replaced now. Raaar. Insane, that is what I say. I just don't understand.

So, since we have had three things happen, we don't have to worry about anything else happening to our car, RIGHT?


Heather said...

This car is obviously has bad karma. You should take it back and trade it in for something else...

Or have someone come and perform an exorcism right away.

Badthingscomeinthrees said...

Yeah. I have a similar story. Actually, two. Story short: In one week, got pulled over by the cops, got hit by a car and then had another incident with cops. Nothing has happened since. *knock on wood*