Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cali-ganza Day One

As most of you know, I went to California for a little Vacation!! I had so much fun! I love it there in February because while it is Snowing in Boise, it is beautiful in California. I don't think I want to live there full time, though. I like seasons and to be able to put on a coat and play in the snow and stuff. But, I did have a blast.
Day One: February 7th: I got on the plane, finally at about 1:30. I was supposed to leave on 9:40, but due to a glitch in the ticketing system, I didn't get to leave until 1:30. I was very sad, but a TCBY in the SLC airport really took the edge off. As I was walking down the "hall" to my gate, there was this little girl, probably about three, who was walking with her mom next to me and she COULD NOT take her eyes off of my TCBY. It really made me want to give it to her. She didn't beg her mom for one, or point at it and whine, she just kept walking and looking at it with this positively precious look of want. It turned my day around. I got onto the plane and as we were getting ready to land, the pilot mentioned that there were some fires in the area and if we looked out the window, we would be able to see them. I was able to see some flames on some hills, as well as some HUGE houses. How do people affords houses like that in CA, I will never know.

I flew into Orange County Airport at about 4:30, where shortly after Miss Debbie R., came and picked me up. I was waiting outside for her, and I kept thinking, is this weather normal? It is so beautiful, there are palm trees outside of the airport, blowing in the warm breeze. All I am saying is that the airport was really beautiful....So backstory: Growing up we were close friends with another family, they had six kids, we had four. Four of their kids were all the same age as me and my siblings and we all became "Best" Friends. Lots of traveling together, hanging out, getting into trouble and having sleepovers. IT was good times growing up. So that is Miss Debbie, the fabulous mother or our "best" friends. It was so good to see her again. I had just seen her in August in GA when we was visiting my parents, then Kyle and I also went to see my parents..
Anyway, she picked me up at the airport, we went and had dinner and chatted and then she drove me "Across the Ortega" to the Temecula area. She had a meeting, then we met her daughter Tawnie for dessert. She is so funny! Then I saw the Dance Studio, then we went to Debbies and I went to sleep. It was a great relaxing beginning to my trip.

It was the most fun! It was great talking with Debbie about life and what her children are doing now and everything.

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