Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Desk Drawer

So, sometimes I go to the store to buy Healthy Stuff to Eat. Because that is what WTEWYE says.

(Note: In case you don't know, WTEWYE stands forWhat To Expect WHen You're Expecting. AKA: The Bible of All Pregnant Women, even if it does go a little over the top, , and basically will scare you straight out of your mind about what to eat, what to wear, how to sleep, how to move, how to breathe, etc.)...

Okay, so back to the store. I usually go to the WalMart (Evil Empire) across the street from my new office buildling. When I go, sometimes I think, Gosh, I need a treat after I eat this healthy lunch, because I am pregnant and it is okay to have a treat every now and then. ThenI buy it and stick it in my desk drawer for such occaisions. But I never eat it. I just collect it. I just am never in the mood for treats. I know, CRAZY.....People ask if I have cravings, and I don't, really, but I don't like treats as much as I used too.....weird...

Well, here is the list, laid out for all to see:

  • Half Eaten Bag of Pretzel Sticks (got sick of eating them and being thirsty all the time)
  • Two Logs of Saltine Crackers (just incase I GET sick)
  • Box of Nurtigrain Cereal Bars, Mixed Berry (You know, just because)
  • A ZipLock Bag of Cinnamon Hearts that I still have yet to eat more than 2 of
  • An unopened box of Junior Mints
  • An unopened bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs...the yummy chocolate ones with that crazy addictive shell...you know the ones
  • A real Cadbury Egg (unopened....)
  • An unopened bag of Tootsie Rolls
  • A Box of PopSecret Homestyle Popcorn, Snack bag size (I DO eat this. And it is the BEST Flavor)
  • A few granola bars, Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Nut
  • A bottle of Tums

There it is, the confession of my Secret Stash. Now, if I can just find any of those darn Girl Scouts at the WalMart, then I could add a few more line items.......


Rachel Bartholomew said...

LIZ! So I saw you comment on Richard and Erika blog and was excited to find you. I have been wondering about you lately. YOU ARE PREGNANT! my email is rachelbartholomew@hotmail.com, give me a line if you have the time. I will be in Boise this summer and I would love to see you. YEH!

Frau Bailey said...

You make me smile! Super cute are you! love ya!

K2 said...

so funny. I think its funny you have no cravings. I love the pic of Brucie. Remember that movie, Matilda, and that really fat kid named Brucie who had to eat the cake? I just thought of that..maybe he could be Brucie instead of just Bruce! :-)

melissa said...

Can I raid your desk drawer sometime?
(Why does that sound dirty?)

Uno Kidney said...


As long as you leave a tip.