Friday, March 07, 2008


Yesterday I was sitting in this lame meeting about Emergency Prepardness at Work. Probably, I should have been paying more attention, but basically, I just couldn't. So, I started thinking about how clothes really do hide a lot, and the question came to mind:

What if EVERYONE HAD to wear Spandex. Like that was the only material available. And you had to.


K2 said...

I think that would be yucky. That reminded me of this episode of Project Runway that I watched a few weeks ago. The designers had to design an outfit for some professional wrestler ladies that reflected their personal style. AND they went to SPANDEX HOUSE to get the fabric. I didn't even know such a place existed. Weird eh?

Frau Bailey said...

YIKES...that would be a scary day. No one would get married, no one would run around...people would probably just stay in their houses and "tele-commute" for their jobs! I would look great...but I worry about others...hehehehe! Just kidding! I could not be a teacher if I had to wear spandex everyday! My students would all be at the nurse because they would get sick to their stomaches.

Uno Kidney said...

But if EVERYONE did it, then I bet it wouldn't be a big deal. Of course it would be a big deal at first, but if it was all people knew, there would definitely be no secrets.