Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mowin Green

Our new house has the cutest lawn. It is tiny. And perfect.

We came from a rental house, where the lawn went on as far as the eye could see and we spent mad money trying to keep that thing alive. Kyle spent hours mowing, and watering, and re-positioning the water spickets to ensure optimal coverage. But to no avail. I took a chunk of that dastardly lawn to Zamzows, a local Grass, Flower, and Pet store. Cause "Nobody Knows Like Zamzows" and the dude said "huh, this is carpet grass. Basically, if it gets too hot, it kills itself, then reseeds." Turns out, our suicidal lawn was sick of the heat and dying off, no matter how much water we put on it.

We walked by that house the other day. It is up for sale, no one lives in it and the lawn looks HORRIBLE, so we beat our fists against our chests, and cried a lot for the money we poured down the drain for the last two summers. C'est La Vie.

Onto our new lawn: Hooray! It is only about 700 square feet TOTAL. It is tiny and perfect and cute. A bit patchy, but I can live with that!!!

Kyle's dad gave us his old lawn mower after we moved in:
He was so nice. He spent hours cleaning and oiling that thing. Even cut his finger in the process. It worked one week. Then stopped working the next week. So we cruised to Home Depot and got a Reel Mower. With no motor. Just pure push power. We are SO going Green.......

When Kyle mows with it, the neighbors all look at him with wonder. And I am just glad our lawn is so cute. And tiny. And perfect.

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