Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pregnancy PERKS

There are a few perks to being pregnant.
I read in a magazine that one lady told her husband that the smell of dishwashing detergent made her sick while she was pregnant, so she couldn't do the dishes. I haven't gone that far.
A few perks:
  • Everyone thinks you look cute, even though you resemble a whale

  • You can wear the same clothes in a week, because everyone understands that you just don't want to buy that many prego clothes

  • People look at you and smile

  • Sometimes they hold the door for you, or carry heavy things for you, or offer you a chair, or water. Only offer you water, and no one else in your group. Ahh the joy!

But the best perk? Chili's Salsa.

After swimming class, sometimes I cruise by Chili's and get some chips and salsa. I don't know where else you can get a bag of chips and some salsa for $2.99. Plus, I LOVE the stuff. I just get it to go and then pig out. A few times that I have called, I have asked for extra salsa, and said "it's because I am pregnant and I LOVE it. I will even pay more for extra salsa". They usually just give me an extra tub or two.

On Monday when I called, I said, I am pregnant and I love the stuff. This was the conversation that ensued between Andrew, the Holder of Salsa, and I:

-I Love your Salsa. I am pregnant and I need an order to go. Stat.

- Oh great. That is so awesome. Babies are great. How far along are you?

-About 32 weeks. Now...about this salsa thing....

-Wow. My wife had a baby last year and she loved Chili's Black Beans and Queso Dip. We have an 8 month old. She is the cutest thing and so much fun....

- Cool. Wow. Back to me and my needs. I LOVE the salsa and can't get enough. I need some to go, but can I get extra? Like a LOT of extra? And a Straw. Or just a straight IV into my arm?

-Of course, crazy pregnant woman.

This is what was waiting for me when I arrived:

Yes, each tub was individually labled for each month:

Viva la Chili's!


RCH said...

Hooray for Chili's! I had no idea it was such a pg hangout, but that's where I ate lunch every month (and then every two weeks) after each doctor's appointment while pg with Tres last year. I love their salsa, and also their spinach & artichoke dip. Mmmmmm!

Super cute Chili's Salsa Man to hook you up like that. :-)

Brian Muir said...

Chilli's is the best place for business meetings according to small business magazine.

Frau Bailey said...

What a nice guy! It was nice sharing that salsa and chips with you. I would give you anything...because you are pregnant. Gold star for that boy!