Friday, April 25, 2008

Sweetest Girl Ever

Last time I was at Kyle's sister's house, Iwas sitting with the nieces and nephews and we were talking about things I would need for Bruce (my favorite toy mentioned : a three car train that hooks together and moves around the floor) and names for Bruce if it was a girl or boy. Before I left, I told them I needed them to continue to brainstorm names.

Maddy, my 8 year old niece totally took it to heart. Kyle and I cruise over to visit last night and Maddy had done the follwing:

1. Kept a running list on a piece of paper of Boy and Girl names, polling her family and friends for good names.

2. Handed each member of her 2nd grade class a white square of paper and polled them for names too. They each (mostly) wrote down and girl and boy name. She is SO thoughtful! Example: One of her cousins fell from her bedroom window and broke some bones. Maddy also had her class make the cousin Get Well Cards and mailed them to her.
Sweet and thoughtful Maddy.

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K2 said...

How Sweet! That is so awesome. She is definately a treasure. Glad she has a cool aunt too.